I Can’t Believe Those Aren’t Pancakes!

Here’s a riddle for you: One Sunday morning a diabetic decided she wanted a stack of delicious, warm buttery pancakes. This diabetic knows that pancakes, with all their wheat and carbs, and syrup, with all its sugar and carbs, would send her blood sugar into a tailspin. So the diabetic instead makes a decision to eat…pancakes. And two hours later, her glucose readings were in the desired, acceptable range. How is this possible?

Why, with pork rinds, of course.

Photo Sep 29, 5 02 07 PM

Thanks to my Hubs, who has become more serious about his nutrition choices, and who (lucky for me) loves to cook, it’s recently become much easier to adopt the dietary change that I should have been following ages ago anyway. First among the list of delicacies that he was excited to try was low-carb pancakes made from eggs, heavy cream, Splenda, and, you guessed it, pork rinds.  Now, I think pork rinds are a rather tasty snack in and of themselves, but I was not convinced that they could become pancakes. Well, all I can say is that after a weekend of several servings, the critic in me has been silenced. I still don’t know how it works, but surprisingly, it does. I won’t dupe you into believing that they’re just like IHOP. They’re not. But, clocking in at only about 3 carbs or less, they are an amazingly decent substitute. So long as you grind the pork rinds as finely as possible, you honestly wouldn’t even be able to tell what they were made of. Hubs made them for family members who finished their servings and asked for seconds, all the while none the wiser. Once the secret ingredient was revealed, and once they had a minute to think about it, it was agreed that perhaps you can discern the faintest tinge of the rinds, but it is extremely minimal and not off putting in any way. You can liken it to when you’re eating pancakes with bacon and a bit of syrup spreads to the bacon–you eat the piece of bacon anyway and it’s still quite delicious.

What I’m even more excited about, however, are the Revolution Rolls that Hubs also baked up, or what I consider a more appropriate name, my new Miracle Bread.

Photo Sep 29, 11 44 50 AMWith the help of separated eggs, cream of tartar, Splenda, and cream cheese, I can once again have sandwiches! I’ve been eating bun-less burgers, loaf-less submarine sandwiches, and sad, lonely tuna out the can and all on its own for some time now. I do it because its necessary, but it’s just not the same. And also quite maddeningly messy. But with this, these #diabeticpeoplesproblems have all but disappeared! Admittedly, the bread is not fancy, and is even a bit “without taste” but that’s okay!  I’d rather have it not taste like much of anything at all than to have it taste bad. And it doesn’t taste bad. I don’t need it to be remarkable. I just need it to hold my burger and all its fixings together without falling apart and without getting goopy condiments all on my fingers. It does this nicely. I’m pretty sure that after my first burger meal with this recipe that the heavens parted and I heard an angel sing. Since then, I’ve been contentedly enjoying hazy daydreams of upcoming meals including tuna on bread, peanut butter sandwiches, and Saturday mornings with egg and sausage biscuits. The future looks bright!

To accompany my revival of burgers on bread, I will now also be enjoying french fries again! Well, jicama fries, anyway. This one is a bit more of a stretch for me, as the vegetable is inherently sweet and therefore more reminiscent of sweet potato fries than white potato. But with the right cut, seasonings, and mode of cooking, and if I squinch my eyes a bit while dipping them in low carb ketchup, they can be a pretty acceptable alternative.

Photo Sep 29, 5 03 21 PMPhoto Sep 29, 5 03 51 PM

These new plates may not be sumptuous, but they’re definitely more than tolerable. The small sacrifices in taste are negligible when compared to our improved health and lifestyle for ourselves and thus, for our Babes. And for that, I am glad to add them as mainstays to our new household menu.

Thanks for this week’s meals, Hubs.

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