WOW Summit 2014 Day 2

After a breakfast that included cookies (it is also my vacation after all, but Mrs. Thinsters is still clean eating), the Day 2 session of the WOW Summit began with a cooking demonstration by Aviva Goldfarb of The Six O’Clock Scramble. She shared several healthy, wholesome meals that each took only about 5-10 minutes to prepare, and the children in the audience that received a sample all cleaned their plates. That’s reason enough for me to give some recipes from this site a try to see if I have the same success with my picky eaters.

Something new that I was excited to see this year was another round of  interactive workshops for the second day (last year they were only held on the first day). I really like these smaller, intimate sessions in which you can have a more personal conversation with your favorite speaker or receive more in-depth information on a product or topic that interests you most. I opted to attend a session that covered the differences in sweeteners, specifically stevia products, and how I can use it in recipes. I found this particularly helpful as a diabetic. I knew aspartame was a poison the second I tasted it; didn’t even need a health or nutrition expert to tell me that! I have been using sucralose but now knowing that stevia is a healthier alternative even to that has me very eager to begin incorporating it into our meals.

I also attended a session on integrating nature into everyday play for children and a session for bloggers on building your blog with social media, specifically Pinterest. I wish there had been additional time for us to attend more because I would have loved to also sit in on the workshops dedicated to oral health and the importance of music in your child’s life.

Following the seminars was the close of the WOW Summit with more prize giveaways and a Blogger Lunch. I unfortunately could not attend the lunch as I had to leave to catch my flight home but I can only imagine how informative and fun this was. On the bright side, I can always link up with some of the great new contacts I made to connect and find out what I missed. Hopefully there will be another one at the next WOW Summit and as long as my circumstances allow, I will definitely be returning!

On my way back to my Hubs and sweet little Babes, feeling rested and inspired…

My wholesome, guilt-free breakfast

My wholesome, guilt-free breakfast

5 thoughts on “WOW Summit 2014 Day 2

    • apparently its a great way to do it, although I still haven’t really figured out the best way to personally utilize it. Pinterest is so highly pictorial of arts, crafts, recipes, DIY, that sort of thing, and my blog is mostly just personal stories. But I’ll be attempting to link them up the best way that I can!


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