Our Weekend

Dear Lila and Matthew,

You Babes had a full and fun-filled weekend, starting with our regular Friday night ritual of popcorn and a family movie (this time it was The Muppet Christmas Carol.)

Early Saturday morning we had breakfast with Daddy and then you hit the road with Mommy to ride to her hometown an hour and a half away. Once there, we first made a pit stop at Grandma’s and then we visited your brand new baby cousin. You were very excited to meet her and hold her and talk to her. Photo Dec 13, 11 59 56 AMYou had quick (better-than-nothing) naps on the car ride home and we reunited with Daddy to attend an evening Winter Wonderland. With a carousel, boat rides, and a train ride, this is one of your favorite local parks, and it was a special treat for you to visit in the evening with its transformation of games, ice slides, pretend snow, and an illustrious display of holiday lights.

Photo Dec 13, 7 54 36 PMPhoto Dec 13, 8 31 34 PMPhoto Dec 13, 7 55 16 PMPhoto Dec 13, 8 07 24 PM

After such a long day, you actually went on to bed without much fuss, which is quite atypical for you. But you still woke up at the crack of dawn, which of course is so typical of you. Too tired to cook, Daddy treated us to breakfast at the local Denny’s.

Photo Dec 14, 10 46 51 AMPhoto Dec 14, 10 25 12 AM

And then, because chocolate chip pancakes were perhaps not the healthiest of meals that you could have had, we headed to Marbles, your favorite children’s discovery museum, for some play time and exercise. Matthew, it had been awhile since your last time here and you loved every second of your visit. From the Pet Vet center to the Pizzeria kitchen to the play farm with the eggs that you got a kick out of collecting from the chickens, you had a hard time pinpointing the best section and instead told us that “the whole everything” was your favorite.

Photo Dec 14, 11 26 33 AMPhoto Dec 14, 11 27 03 AMPhoto Dec 14, 11 43 52 AMPhoto Dec 14, 12 23 44 PMPhoto Dec 14, 11 20 37 AMPhoto Dec 14, 11 40 39 AMPhoto Dec 14, 12 07 56 PMPhoto Dec 14, 12 04 52 PM


For dinner that evening, Daddy made one of your favorite meals, chicken nuggets, and even made it a healthier version by coating it in flaxseed meal. We played and laughed together and read a ridiculous number of bedtime stories before retiring for the evening.

And then it was Monday, but even though it was back to school and work, it was still a special day for you, Lila, as it was the culmination of your BIG 5th birthday, ending in A Date with Daddy to see Disney’s Frozen on Ice.

.IMG_8775Photo Dec 16, 12 17 43 AM

Although Matthew and I stayed behind and had a great time snuggling, playing, and chatting with one another, I delighted in the pics and clips Daddy sent us of you with your glowing face and mouth agape, overwhelmingly mesmerized and entranced at the scenes before you, and of course, you intensely singing your heart out to “Let it Go” and all of the other featured songs. As we tucked you into bed this evening, you wrapped your little arms around Daddy, gave him a big kiss, and simply said  “thank you, Daddy.” Clearly, it was a magical evening for you. And for me, it was a magical weekend, “the whole everything” of it all.

Love You Forever, 


7 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. What sweet pictures. I’m reminded of when my kids were little and we would go to the Children’s Museum near us. They had such a good time, and though they’re both boys, they loved the kitchen area. I wish I could say the same now that they’re teens. Trying to interest them in cooking is not going so well… 😉

    Thanks for the Twitter shares this morning. Much appreciated!

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    • My little boy loved the kitchen area too; I hope that doesn’t change! Their father loves to cook and is the main (ok, only) chef in our house, so fingers crossed!
      And it was my pleasure to share as they were great reads! I’m happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading more.

      Liked by 1 person

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