Our Weekend #2

Dear Babes,

We started our weekend off with our usual Friday family movie night and watched Night at the Museum. You enjoyed the movie, requesting already to know if there was a “next one” that we could also get, and for us to go on a trip to a museum like the one in the movie. I guess I’ll start planning for that soon.

Lila, on Saturday you learned how to wield a hammer at The Home Depot kids workshop with Daddy. You made a min-sled all by yourself and were very proud of your craftsmanship.

Photo Jan 03, 9 20 31 PM Photo Jan 06, 6 09 58 PM


Poor Matthew, your age excluded you from this activity although honestly, the idea of you flailing a hammer around made me shiver with fear anyway, as you don’t walk so much as you constantly bounce, leap, and trip all over the place. You’ll be able to attend soon enough but for today perhaps it was better you stayed and chilled at home with Mommy. We ate breakfast together at the table in our jammies, you proudly helped me load the washing machine, and then we snuggled and watched an episode each of your favorite shows, Little Einsteins and Super WHY. It may not have been an outing but you were definitely happy and reveled in the time spent together.

Later in the day we all enjoyed a meal together at a local Japanese steakhouse, or “trapeze” restaurant as Matthew calls it.

Photo Jan 06, 6 23 43 PM


On Sunday we switched up our one-on-one partners. Lila, you were with me this time and we spent our morning at the local art museum. You delighted in a portrait of 5-year old King Louis XV because you “matched ages” and your favorite section was the Egyptian room with the mummies.

Photo Jan 04, 11 22 25 AMPhoto Jan 04, 11 31 20 AMPhoto Jan 04, 11 39 57 AM

Afterwards we had a “Ladies Lunch” at a restaurant, just you and me, where we chatted about zoo animals, Kindergarten, and your brother. Speaking of your brother, my poor little Matthew, you were excluded once again as the museum didn’t think the guided tour was appropriate for those under 5. And when it comes to you, I’m sure they were right. But no matter. I know you had a much better time on your shopping excursion with Daddy which culminated in your own Father/Son restaurant lunch over pizza, wings, and football.

Photo Jan 06, 6 07 19 PM

We all made it home right before a torrential downpour. There was a time not too long ago in which I couldn’t wait for you to be out of my bed, but on this sleepy, rainy afternoon, I found cozy comfort in cuddling with you for a blissful nap. Now as for when you awoke….things weren’t so blissful anymore. I don’t know if it was the storm or what but you two turned into storms, tearing through and tearing up the house for the remainder of the evening. But such is life with two rambunctious preschoolers, a perfect dichotomy of a sunshine day of fun and discovery and a stormy evening of noncooperation and overwhelming exasperation. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and I record the bad with the good so Ill always remember every minute of this crazy ride with you.

As we finally corralled you into bed for the evening, Matthew, you regaled us with sorrowful promises that tomorrow you will do better and be a good boy (we’ll see how that goes).  And Lila, you asked if we still love you even the times when you’re naughty like you were tonight.

You already know the answer. I think you just love to hear us say it. But that’s OK because I love telling you:

Of course, Babe. Every. Single. Time.

Love you forever,

Your weary Mommy

Photo Dec 22, 7 28 10 PM

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