The Struggle Continues…

The struggle has continued for me lately to write and post with any regularity. The beginning of the year found me balancing an increased workload at the job with me also researching and finding a school for Lila (which felt like a part time job in and of itself). It was quite the arduous process complete with nail-biting, nerve-wracking, months-long stints on wait lists but I’m relieved and pleased to say that we have finally found a school home for her. It wasn’t the top choice that I wanted, which was a magnet school that offered substantial electives within the curriculum, but this is still a highly rated neighborhood elementary school that I’m sure I’ll be more than satisfied with. So that takes care of that.

Life still hasn’t calmed down, however, as for one, we just received her official school placement notification only about two weeks ago, so up until then, that has still been a major stressor of late. Work has also not calmed down in the least and most days it has been very draining and overwhelming to get through. And what’s made it even harder is having to do so while pregnant, which I’ve also been since February!

Yes, we are expecting our newest addition this fall, and so far it’s been the exact same go-round I experienced the first two times, which is to say, not that pleasant. It feels almost sacrilegious to admit that I don’t always truly enjoy being pregnant because I’m aware of and certainly respect how many families struggle for this, but that doesn’t take away from my real experience, and my truth is that its been pretty difficult so far. It’s just not smooth-sailing when you’re a pregnant diabetic, and on top of that I was very sick the entire first trimester and it was all I could do to get through each day. I am now in my second trimester and it’s still a high risk pregnancy with lots more monitoring and visits to doctors and specialists than what would normally be required, but things are definitely getting better, to the point that I was finally ready to share the news with friends and family, and had the energy and wherewithal even to write this!  And I’m also excited that just this past weekend, I finally felt Baby move for the first time. That has always been my most favorite part of pregnancy: I’ll take every single bad day of constant nausea and pain I’ve had three times over for those indescribable moments of feeling life move inside of you. I can’t think of a single thing to compare it to; there is truly nothing like it. All I can say is that to me, it is everything.

Now that I’m finally not feeling so sick every day anymore, I’m enjoying looking forward to all of the changes that will be coming our way soon, and to (hopefully) getting back to my writing!

4 thoughts on “The Struggle Continues…

  1. Thanks for sharing all this with us, Cristina. Even when you don’t post, I don’t forget about you – and always wish you well. You’ve made an impression on me and I root for your happiness.


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