An Old Town Weekend

Dear Babes,

It’s already been a few weeks since our return and yet you two are still going on and on about this year’s family vacation. You’ve been very much into animals lately, so for our trip this year we figured why not go to one of the most famous zoos in the country, the San Diego Zoo. So we made plans to hit up beautiful and sunny California, check out the animals, enjoy Legoland, and lounge on gorgeous beaches to soak up some sun. This was especially exciting as in our neck of the woods, we were still experiencing some drab and dreary winter weather.

So much for making plans. As our vacation grew closer, the weather revealed that the hometown we were leaving would finally be having a breakthrough of wonderful spring-like weather while we were gone, and that it would be rainy and chilly for the entire time we would be in California. We were extremely disappointed but we didn’t have much flexibility at that point to change any aspect of our plans so we decided to go anyway and just hope for the best.

The first morning there, it was raining sheets and buckets but by the time we finished breakfast it had somewhat subsided. So we grabbed our rain coats and headed to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. We had a great time walking the entire length of the park and visiting every single exhibit. This was not your first zoo trip but it was our first time seeing pandas and koalas, which ended up being your favorite, Lila (mine, too). And Matthew, you are still in the midst of an inexplicable elephant obsession, so while you’ve seen them many times before, that was still your favorite part of the day. Although it was pretty chilly by California standards, we were grateful that the rain held off for the remainder of the day, allowing for a wonderful tour of a truly beautiful zoo.


Afterwards it was still too cold and windy to go to the beach as we had originally planned, so we resigned ourselves to just go out and eat before heading back to the hotel. We decided to give In-and-Out Burger a try as we don’t have this franchise anywhere on the East coast. And to our surprise, you, Matthew, a staunch pizza and nuggets only eater, happily ate a cheeseburger and gave it a thumbs-up.


In-and-Out Burger San Diego


On the second day, we had plans to go to Legoland but the weather report was even worse this time around and we just didn’t want to chance it. I was probably the most disappointed as I still love going to amusement parks but even I likely wouldn’t have enjoyed it much walking around soaking wet, especially with an infant. It did indeed storm all day, but in between the pockets of rain we spent several hours touring Old Town San Diego and had a lot of fun doing so. You weren’t disappointed at all as youΒ ran from one building to another and generally just enjoyed being out and about. During a particularly hard segment of rain, we retreated to a nearby mall for lunch and spent some time perusing the sights and stores there. And then, even though lounging on the beach was clearly out of the question, we still decided to drive to La Jolla to view the sea lions. It was raining so hard and was so windy that we were able to get out just long enough to see them, snap a pic, and get right back in the car. But it was a visit nonetheless, and something we can say we did and mark off our list.



I spent the whole trip doing the same to my wee one!

We ended up returning to Old Town after that and finished up our evening enjoying one another’s company at a local Mexican restaurant. It was there that we decided to end our trip a day early as we clearly weren’t going to be able to visit Legoland or spend the day at the local beaches, which were the only other two things on our itinerary. Even one of the employees at Old Town remarked on how surprised she was at this rain and that they never have weather like this, especially over multiple days. It figures it would happen while we were there, but what can you do. We may have missed out on two big activities, but we still had an excellent zoo experience and were pleasantly surprised at how much we ended up enjoying simply driving around and seeing a different city. Every vacation is an experience, and this one was no different. It was still exciting to have our first vacation as a new family of five with your beloved baby brother, and you loved having your adored cousin Brynn join us, too. We still made many memories that I know will last a lifetime. It may have rained the entire time, but our trip was far from a wash!

Already looking forward to next year!

Love you forever,


2016-03-06 01.54.15






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