Things We’ve Tried This Week #8


Good Food Made Simple


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With our busy schedules, I don’t always often (ever?) have time to cook. And even when I do, its honestly just not something that I enjoy doing all that much (I gladly defer to my husband who loves cooking; baking is more my jam) When it’s my turn to get a meal on the table, I admittedly just want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. But I’m still also all about giving my family healthy, good-for-you options. So while the speed, ease, and convenience of a microwave meal is right up my alley, the typical added ingredients, preservatives, and all-around general unhealthiness that comes with is not. So I’m definitely for finding and trying any frozen options that buck this convention. This week I was introduced to Good Food Made Simple, a brand that offers protein-packed frozen meals made with cage-free eggs, humanely raised meat, and no added hormones or artificial flavors.

Through the Moms Meet Ambassador program, I was able to sample several of the entrees which come in such varied flavors as Chicken Black Bean, Hatch Chili Mac, and Three Pepper Beef. Some of these varieties were a bit too eclectic for my tastes, but that’s only because I’m a tad bit weird over foods like beans, mushrooms, peppers and the like. For others, I’m sure it’s just these types of ingredients that actually make the meal. My husband, for instance, gave all of these a thumbs-up, with his favorite being the Chicken Pad Thai. I did very much like the Buffalo Style Chicken and the Cavatappi Bolognese. But even with the flavors I didn’t necessarily prefer, there was still one quality among all of them that was clearly undeniable: the overwhelmingly (in a good way) simple freshness in taste. I can’t call to mind any other frozen meal I’ve had that has tasted so much like it came straight from the skillet. I can’t give high marks enough on that aspect alone!

The program provided for the entrée dinner bowls only but we were impressed and intrigued enough with what we tried to want to seek out more. So next we purchased on our own a few of the breakfast options and that’s where we struck gold with the kids. The Pancake Puffs (they loved the banana ones) are perfect for quick morning nutrition. And for days with a little more time to savor, the Uncured Bacon and Eggs breakfast bowl and the steel-cut Vermont Maple Syrup Oatmeal are filling and delicious. I will for sure be adding the pancake puffs as a staple for their bus-stop breakfasts and also can’t wait to try their waffles, Fruit and Berries oatmeal, and the Egg White Patties.

I’ve found the Good Food Made Simple line in a few local groceries ranging from about $3.99-$5 per item. This certainly makes them a bit pricier than most frozen meal competitors, and with having to shop for a family of 5, this unfortunately for us means this brand won’t likely always be the most economical option 😦 That being said, if ever there was a frozen meal worth such a price, this would be it. The quality and freshness of the ingredients are outstanding and truly make for an unparalleled taste. I will always be on the lookout for sales/coupons so that I can purchase as often as possible.

*This is not a sponsored post. As part of the Moms Meet Ambassador Program, I received vouchers to sample only the entrée dinner bowls from the Good Food Made Simple line with the sole requirement to provide feedback directly to the brand and with no compensation, agreement, or expectation to publicly share and review. All other products reviewed were of my own purchase and shared as part of my own personal search in finding healthier options for my family and I. All opinions are my own (and my kids’).

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