With a previously lukewarm view of marriage and kids, I find myself now 3 years into both matrimony and motherhood. But while I have plenty to say on Life With the Hubs and on being Mom to two Babes under two, I still don’t believe that categorizing my writings “only” as a mommyblog is the single-most best defining description for me. Likewise, having always been an avid recycler and general do-gooder for the environment, it still took my having kids and newly experiencing a few ongoing medical issues to now make me super intrigued with finding affordable, eco-conscious ways to improve my health and achieve a more sustainable way of living. But focusing solely on eco and/or fitness (for me, anyway) would be a blog to put me to sleep, and I have enough trouble staying awake as it is. And forget manning multiple blogs to cover singular topics and interests; I’m already struggling to keep this one updated and I haven’t even finished my profile yet. So instead, I’m going to steal a line from my Baby Girl in which she gleefully (and loudly) greets new groups of people: “Hi Everyall!” in order to muse on every and all things that move me to write.
If you find the greatest joy in your chaotic life with your hilarious children, yet still relish their naptime as the happiest, most glorious hour of the day; OR, if all you’ve ever known is how to live on your own and now you have to learn to share an entire life (not to mention a bedroom closet) with a spouse who doesn’t put *anything* away; OR, you have magazines, scrapbooks, recipes, and kid crafts piled sky-high in a corner for “someday” (and as the months continue to roll by, that “someday” is starting to look more and more like the 12th of Never); OR, if every single thing in the absolute entire world greatly interests you, giving you a million and one things to see, do, study, learn, visit, and try * if only* you could summon enough energy to get out of bed in the morning and not feel like you need three naps throughout the course of the day; AND if you dislike designer prices but still desire a healthier way of life to assist in your combat of fatigue and depression, then quite likely you and I will have lots in common here at TheEveryAll.com
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  1. Thank you for following my blog – I appreciate that very much. I enjoyed your About page. We have six daughters – one is married but the other five are teenagers (aaaaugh!) Looking forward to seeing more of your posts – I am following your blog now!

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    • 5 teenage girls! I can’t even imagine, lol. But I’m sure it’s just as wonderful as it may be agonizing! Looking forward to more of your posts on this as well. Thank you for visiting 🙂


  2. Christina, you had me at “referring to myself as a “mommyblogger” is just not a description that I think fits me all that well” and I laughed with great delight with the rest of your bio. Well said, my new BFF ;-).

    Thanks for liking my comment at Colette’s writerinsoul. I would be privileged to see you at my place, Family Love Does More https://familyanswersfast.wordpress.com/ . I look forward to reading more from you!


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